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In addition, this branch of science specializes in the development of modern methods of obstetrics, prevention and treatment of complications that have arisen during pregnancy and childbirth.

In previous years, the obstetrician's responsibilities included taking care of newborn babies. However, these procedures gradually separated and became an independent branch of medicine called neonatology.

Don't pair obstetrics with surgery or therapy. It is a separate science that requires deep knowledge that has roots in these two disciplines, but grows in its own branches. Also, as you should not confuse a specialist obstetrician-gynecologist and just an obstetrician.

Knowledge of the basics of anatomy, physiology, gynecology, sexology, surgery, genetics - all of them are necessary in the work of an obstetrician. In addition, women are in dire need of moral support during childbirth. Therefore, human psychology is also not alien to the obstetrician.